NATAL's run to raise awareness of PTSD as a result of terror and war



7:00 AM

Ganei Yehoshua park at the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv

This year NATAL's "Running in Color" will take place for the Seventh Year time with the aim of raising awareness of PTSD as a result of terror and war in Israel.  This colorful event will engage and unite participants with activities suitable for individuals and families. NATAL's "Running in Color" event connects body and mind, the color symbolizing the "transparency" and internal injuries of emotional trauma .

During the run and along the running trail the runners will be sprinkled with colored powder which is completely hazard free. At the event there will be fun activities filled with color and happiness for children and adults. Entrance to the event grounds is free but registration for the races is at a fee - Please see below for registration fee details. There will be food and beverage on sale.

Further information:

• Participants are requested to wear the "running" t-shirt provided and to wear sunglasses.

• The colored powder that is used is completely safe for people and environmentally friendly.

• It is important to pay attention to the markings on the ground and to listen to the instructions of the event organizers.

Entrance points:

Givat Hamofaim "Ganei Yehoshua" park at the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. There is paid parking available at the Ahuzat Hachof Henion next to Paz gas station. (It is also possible to arrive with the train, University stop approximately 10 minute walk)

Races & Register: 1.5 km 5km And the 300 meter children's race

"Running in Color"- Schedule:

Entrance- 7:00am
Start time for 5km races - 8:30 am
Start time for 1.5km race - 9:30 am
Start time for kids race- 300m - 10.00 am
Performance- 10:30 am
* Please arrive one hour before the race begins

Address for pick up:

You can pick up your running kit ahead of the race at the Olympic Experience, the National Sports Center (Sheetrit 10, Tel Aviv-Jaffa) 21.11.19 , 15:30-20:30.

Or you can get your running kit on the day of the event (Friday, November 2 at 7:00am at Ganei Yehoshua Park (Hayarkon, Tel Aviv - opposite the amusement park) 

StretchEarly registration
until the 3.11.19 23:59
Late registration
until the 11.11.18 16:00 PM
5 /1.5km Adults (over 18)100NIS120NIS
5 /1.5 km (Youth 7-18)50NIS60NIS
300meter Small children (up to 7 years old)40NIS60NIS
(Group discount (groups over 10 10% discount per person 10% discount per person


* Groups of over 10 participants please Email [email protected] with names and ID numbers for a 10% discount per runner

All proceeds from the event will go directly to NATAL-treating those who are suffering from terror and war related trauma.


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